Semicon Research Ltd. Tokyo Japan

SRL Consulting Activities; As a sample

Major U.S. High-speed DSP suppliers and their Capabilities on DSP Market July 1989
Wang Labs Business Synopsis and Outlook Aug. 1989
Analysis on U.S.- Based ROMs Suppliers and Market Sept.. 1989
Japanese Semiconductor Factories in U.S. and Europe Nov. 1989
Analysis on Prisma's Strategy on GaAs RISC chips Jan. 1990
Strategic Analysis on C-Cube Microsystems, Inc. Feb. 1990
Semiconductor Trading Companies --- Strategic analysis on semiconductor marketing and distribution in Japan Mar. 1990
Fast SRAM Multi chip Module Market Oct. 1990
Ten - Year Opportunity in the North American Market for Linear IC Oct. 1990
Analysis on ACC Microelectronics'  Technological Capabilities and Evaluation in the Market Dec. 1990
Strategy to Success in the Semiconductor Business --- For newcomer of industry Jan. 1991
ASIC Design Center Operating Method for Success Jan. 1991
Status of C-Cube Microsystems and future directions Sept.. 1991
DRAM  Market and Stepper Demand Oct. 1991
How to develop high technology resources for large trading company Dec. 1991
The 20M byte flash memory Forecast future cost and timing to use Mar. 1992
Multi media and "Karaoke" Who will be major players May. 1992
Forecasting industry's future labor demand Oct. 1992
RISC processor -- Low-end RISC opportunities and issues Nov. 1992
MPEG product development trends by companies Dec. 1992
Impact of the U.S. PC market on semiconductor demand Mar. 1993
Winners in the U.S. Desk top RISC market Aug. 1993
Analysis on Japanese Automobile semiconductor market Dec. 1993
Strategic analysis on Japanese academic area --- Industry - University cooperation Feb. 1994
Strategic analysis on TSOP future --- Japanese infrastructure and TSOP packaging players Mar. 1994
Survey on PLD/FPGA market in Japan -- Detailed study for major suppliers. March, 1996
Technology trends on video signal DSP July. 1996
Strategic analysis on semiconductor capital spending for 1997. October, 1996
Strategic analysis on Linear and Mixed-signal suppliers July, 1997
Micron Technology and the World  DRAM Market March, 1998
Strategic analysis on Linear and Mixed-signal suppliers July, 1998
User's requirements on semiconductor products database. September 1998
Customer satisfaction survey on fabless users in Japan June, 1999
Strategic analysis on high growth semiconductor trading companies January, 2000
Share of foreign semiconductors in Japan January, 2000
Semiconductor E-commerce January, 2000
Trading company business and technological capability December, 2000