Semicon Research Ltd. Tokyo Japan


June 7, 1989 Established in Tokyo with a capital of ten million yen.
July,1989 Started "SRL Monthly Report". Tied up with Mr. Lane Mason(Viking Research) as SRL's U.S. affiliate.
August ,1989 Tiedup with Elk Horn Publishing and started sales of "RISC Management" and relatedconsulting business in Japan.
September 1980 Subscription fee of "SRL Monthly Report" was set at 98,000 Yen (for 12 months) and regular publication started.
October ,1989 Special research report, "World Semiconductor Industry 10Year Study (Multi Client)" completed.
November, 1989 Special research report, "Report on Japanesesemiconductor Factories in the U.S. & Europe" completed.


July,1990 Started a new service, "US Semiconductor Company Monitor".
July,1990 Tiedup with Advanced Forecasting, Inc. and started sales of "IC Turning-PointsForecasts" in Japan.
August ,1990 Gone into partnership with Future Horizons in U.K. and started sales of "Penn on Paper", newsletter for analysis ofthe European semiconductor market.
August ,1990 Osamu Ohtake, president of  SRL, author a book titled "Semiconductor Trading Companies", which was published byThe Japan EconomicJournal.
October ,1990 Incooperation with Advanced Forecasting Inc., forecasting seminar was held at Tokyo Garden Place. (No. of attendees:60).


February ,1991 Completed a special report, "Impact of Alliances andJoint Ventures in the Semiconductor Industry in the '90s".
October, 1991 Completed special report, "Japanese Semiconductor Equipment company's activities and future in the U.S. market".
October ,1991 The second forecasting seminar was held in Tokyo (No. of attendees:80).
October ,1991 Discontinued "U.S. Semiconductor Company Monitor".


January 1992 Tiedup with Pathfinder research and canceled relationship with Vikingresearch.
February 1992 Started "SRL Quarterly Forecast"
March 1992 Completed special report "Strategies for Intellectual Property Rights in the '90s"
May1992 Subscription fee of "SRL Quarterly Forecast" was set and regular publication started. Domestic version 50,000 Yen(one year, 4 issues)English version 85,000 Yen.
October 1992 Tiedup with Forward Concepts and started sales of DSP related reports and consulting services.
November 1992 The third annual forecast seminar was held in Tokyo (total 40 attendees)


February 1993 Completed strategic analysis report "Foreign semiconductor companies in Japan"
September 1993 Started translation to Japanese "IC Turning-pointsforecast" for Japanese subscribers
November 1993 The fourth annual forecast seminar was held in Tokyo (total 40attendees)
November 1993 Completed " Japanese PLD/FPGA Market; detail study on Top7 suppliers"


March 1994

Completed "STRATEGIES '94 ,50 foreign companies in Japan"

October 1994

Completed "The Impact of EmergingAsian Market: Trends of 55 Major Japanese Semiconductor Users  Strategicanalysis on their Procurement activities"

November 1994

The fifth annual forecast seminar was held in Tokyo (total 40 attendees)


May 1995

Completed "The Impact of EmergingAsian Market Part 2; Strategic analysis on Major semiconductor company'sactivitiesin Asia"

May 1995

Completed " Japanese PLD/FPGAMarket; detail study on Top 7 suppliers"

November 1995

The sixth annual forecast seminar washeld in Tokyo (total 80 attendees)


January 1996

Completed "Strategies for the 90s 50 Foreign Semiconductor Companies in Japan The Mid-Decade Outlook"

September 1996

First European Seminar was held inTokyo(No. of attendees:30)

November 1996

The seventh annual forecast seminar washeld in Tokyo (total 35 attendees)


July 1997

Completed " Japanese PLD/FPGAMarket; detail study on Top 7 suppliers"

September 1997

SecondEuropeanSeminarwas held in Tokyo(No. of attendees:20)

December 1996

The Eighth annual forecast seminar washeld in Tokyo (total 31 attendees)


April 1998

Completed " 50 Foreign SemiconductorCompanies in Japan An offensive and defensive battle at the 30% sharelevel"

September 1998

Published semiconductor user'srequirements on semiconductor products database.


July 1999

Published "Japanese semiconductorindustry Challenges entering the 21st century"


July 2000

Published "Semiconductor trading companiesat a turning point Strategies for growth in the 21st century"

July 2000

Start consulting service on net tradingand related system provider.

December 2000

The annual forecast seminar was held inTokyo (total 30 attendees)